Below you can find majority of professional projects completed for various clients.

Work ranging from product management, post-production, design, copywriting & directing / editing.  Just click on an image to get more information.


  • Jelena is a great digital producer, since she knows, and understands both sides of the area. She is a good creative, and a good project manager. She has an ability to understand, interpret, and explain what is actually gonna be produced. She also makes the ideas better, without changing them, and she executes!

    I would recommend Jelena to anyone since she is a great talent, made for working in an international setting, with big digital projects.

    John Harmander, Co-founder at Inventa
  • I initially connected with Jelena when I needed some production done remotely, and I only had her reel and digital presence for which to make the decision to work with her, it was a risk that paid off.

    Jelena is a gem. She embodies the rare combination found in professionals in this field in that she is creative, enthusiastic, resourceful, talented, and extremely personable (a joy to work with).

    She has a wide range of skills that allow her to oversee projects with a deep understanding if she’s not the one actually doing the execution.

    I highly recommend Jelena.

    Brandon Gross, Sr. Strategist Youtube/Google
  • She is a great coworker. Easy to work with.

    Vedran Strelar, Creative @ Ginger Camel
  • I had a chance to work with Jelena on many occasions and she provides great support and understanding of the creative process as well as time management. She helped me at the shoots and with photo editing decisions and later on during her employment with Menart she hired me to do photo work. She is a pleasure to work with.

    Goran Matijašec, Fashion Photographer


Collection of personal photography work.

If you are interested in photography services feel free to contact me.


Jelena Vukosav is a visual artist, experienced project manager and marketing specialist currently based in Gibraltar. She got her start in New York, working for various production and post production studios. She graduated from School of Visual Arts and received a BFA in Computer Arts. After moving back to her country Croatia at the age of 23, she continued to do work for the US and Croatian market, mostly in commercials and daytime television.

Looking for new challenges Jelena decided to move more in the direction of marketing, advertising and project management, stepping away from television and production in hopes of gaining experience and knowledge by learning to bridge the gap between creative and money matters. She enrolled in Experta Business Academy and received her Marketing Management diploma in 2011. Jelena worked for many acclaimed companies like Nova TVMenart RecordsInventaToolbox Marketing and many others. In 2012. she enrolled in AACSB accredited Zagreb School of Economics and Management  -  MBA Marketing program. In January 2014., Jelena relocated to Gibraltar and became part of Casumo‘s amazing marketing team.  Her current plans are to complete her MBA thesis and learn Spanish amongst other things.

In her free time she writes a column for Croatian culture portal Arteist.hr




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